Jonestown exhibition in LA – an audio accompaniment?

When I saw this post at BoingBoing about an upcoming exhibition of paintings based on the Jonestown massacre, the Jonestown Death Tape sprang to mind. The tape is an actual audio recording of the mass murder at Jonestown, Guyana, featuring Jim Jones exhorting his congregation to happily off themselves, the sounds of people dying (primarily […]

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Osaka zoo displaying people in cages

According to this article from the Asahi Shimbun, Tennoji Zoo in Osaka is displaying “Human” as its newest exhibit. When four lions moved out of their cage last September into a new part of the zoo, officials decided to let people go inside the cage and experience what it’s like to be a zoo animal […]

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Name: Steven Nelson

Occupation: Junior High School ALT in Miyagi-ken, Japan

Etc.  Has wife and little brat (1 yr.) both of whom he loves dearly.  Speaks Hungarian.  Hasn’t stolen any schoolgirl underwear off a clothesline since 2004.